2.Your book describes Crispus Attucks as:3.The act that claimed Parliament’s right to legislate for the colonies in “all cases whatsoever” was known as:4.Which of the following wars began in the colonies and spread to Europe and beyond?5.True or False: In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, European powers in North America engaged in a series of shifting alliances with native peoples, who participated in the colonial wars in order to ensure or bolster their own regional economic and political power?6.Which of the following wasnot a logical element of the philosophy of revolt that developed in the American colonies?7.The immediate and direct response from the British government to the Boston Tea Party was known by the colonists as:8.True or False: The Second Continental Congress represented the first attempt to politically unify across colony lines.9.Which of the following wasnot one of the “Intolerable” Acts?10.True or False: The colonists did not necessarily object to the principles of taxation, but rather how the tax money would be applied.HistoryUS History HIST 234A

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