17. The equation of the regression line used in statistics is A. x… 17. The equation of the regression line used in statistics isA. x = a +byB. y = bx +aC. y’ = a + bxD. x = ay +b18. The coefficient of determination isA. rB. r^2C. aD. b19. When the alternative hypothesis in a statistical decision experiment utilizes the less than (“<") inequality sign, which of the following is FALSE?A. The hypothesis test is left-tailed.B. The expected sign of the test statistic is negative.C. There are two critical t-values.D. The critical value is to the left of the axis of symmetry of the distribution.20. Which among the following variables is likely to be a dependent variable?A. Different types of teaching stylesB. The final exam scores for ESM 2035C. Hours of sleepD. Number of cups of coffee drank21. How large of a sample is needed to estimate the population mean for the money a person spends on Christmas presents within $2 and be 95% confident? The standard deviation of the population is $7.50.A. 54B. 54C. 55D. 5622. It is said that blood type O is the most common type. I want to know if gender has any bearing on the relative number of people with blood type O. What test should I perform?A. Two sample proportion z-testB. One sample chi-square testC. One sample proportion z-testD. Two sample F-test23. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the sampling distribution of the means?A. The mean of the sample means will differ from the population mean.B. The standard deviation of the sample means will be the one-half of the value of the population standard deviation.C. The computed mean of the sample means will be greater by a factor of 1.5 than the population mean.D. The standard deviation of the sample is equal to the population standard deviation divided by the square root of the sample size.24. What test can be used to test the difference between two sample means when the population variances are known?A. Z-testB. Chi-Square TestC. t-TestD. F-TestMathStatistics and Probability

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