12-20 slides. Instructions attached

National Football League (NFL)
Diversity and Inclusion Analysis

Your team will work collaboratively to create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 12-20 slides. The title slide,
reference slide, and section header slides (if included) do not count towards the 12-20 slide requirement. Students
should use the material presented in the NFL’s TIDES report, as well as information obtained through independent
research, to complete the project. All sources must be cited in APA format, with parenthetical in-text citations
throughout the presentation, and a reference slide in APA format must be included at the end.


Since you will not be presenting in person to the class, you will either need to (a) include detailed comments and
information in the “notes” section at the bottom of each slide to expand upon your slides’ bullet points, OR (b)
include voice narration as part of your presentation (this can include one or more members from your group).

The following elements must be included in the PowerPoint presentation:

• Begin by addressing the following general question: How do you define optimal diversity within an

o The rest of the presentation should focus on the specific professional sports organization (the NFL or
NBA) your team has chosen to analyze.

• Organization profile (2-3 slides suggested)
o This should be more of a diversity profile, and not a general overview of the organization itself.

Summarize the information from your organization’s TIDES report (hint: check out the executive
summary), and supplement with other outside sources if necessary.

• Present statistics regarding demographics related to your organization.
o This will require outside research; the organizations’ official websites are good sources for this.
o At a minimum, you should outline the workforce statistics for your organization. Look for employee

breakdown by gender, ethnicity, age, disability, etc. (keep in mind you might not be able to find
information for all of these categories – just gather as much as you can).

o In addition, include any demographic information you can find regarding the player base, coaches,
owners, and/or audience.

• Key stakeholders – who is (or should be) responsible for the implementation of diversity initiatives at the
organization, and from whom is it critical to get buy-in for those initiatives?

o Identify roles and responsibilities for those involved (this should include a range of people including
organizational leadership, HR, managers, and employees).

• Discussion questions (each question should have its own dedicated slide(s), for a total of at least three slides
for this section).

1. The Rooney Rule was established in 2003 to increase the number of minority coaches in the NFL. Has it
been effective? Explain your answer.

2. Describe the impact the 2009 expansion of the Rooney Rule had on diversity within the NFL.
3. What should the NFL do to improve its diversity on all organizational levels? Provide specific examples.

• Strategic focus
o How do current diversity initiatives tie into the overall business/organizational strategy?
o Could a more diverse and inclusive workforce benefit the organization? Why or why not?
o What metrics or other methods should the organization use to measure the effectiveness of any

current or recommended diversity initiatives? Provide specific examples.
• Conclusion/wrap-up
• Reference slide (APA format)

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