1) Word has many different options for how it shows markup created… 1) Word has many different options for how it shows markup created by Track Changes. What tab can be used to switch among all of these options?A) ViewB) ReviewC) ReferencesD) Design2) Zarya needs to find all the times she cited the scholar Ash Ketchum in her treatise on how ash, the remains of a fire, makes a wonderful art tool for painting on ash trees. What can Zarya do to only find the name Ash in her document?A) Set up a Search Filter.B) Use the Advanced Find tool.C) Conduct a search of just the Sources database.D) Create a custom Editing Group.3) Moira needs to add a Euro () sign to her document, but there’s no key to do so on her keyboard. What Word command can she use instead?A) CurrencyB) Advanced SymbolC) Custom FontD) Foreign Letters4) Oberon has received his edited document and now wants to go through each proposed change and decide which ones to implement. What group in the Review tab should he use to quickly navigate through this task?A) ChangesB) EditsC) ProofingD) Tracking5) Marque has a document that has been changed by many people. Right now it is full of comments, edits, and formatting changes. He wants to know who made which changes exactly. What markup view should he select?A) Simple MarkupB) All MarkupC) Show MarkupD) OriginalComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering MICRO FD

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