1) Which property of a Describe object can be used to determine whethera raster dataset is temporary or permanent on a drive[a]_______?2) Fill the blanks so that the following code can be used to print out the names of all the polygon feature classes starting with “FL” in the the current workspace.fcs = arcpy._______________ (“_____________ “, “_____________ “)for____________ in fcs: print fc3)#fill the blanks so that the code print out the data type for each field in d:datatest.shpflds = arcpy. ___________ (“d:/data/test.shp”)for fld in_______________ : print fld. ____________4) Complete the code below to create a tuple, grade, with 5 elements, and the maxgrade contains the highest grade of the five. The 3rd blank should be filled with an integer.grade =_____________ 70, 90, 60, 85, 77maxgrade = grade ________________5)Below code intends to use a variable grade to store a set of grades. Explain what is the syntax error and how to get it fixed. Only one line of code can be changed with other lines still being used.grade = (90,)grade.append(80)grade.append(70)grade.append(85)# syntax error: ____________# how to fix:______________Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming ESCI 2121

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