1) Which following statements about ArcPy are true ?Group of answer choices more than one can be correcta) ArcPy provides Python access for geoprocessing tools, and useful functions and classes in ArcGISb) ArcPy is a Python site package developed by ESRIc) ArcPy has been available since ArcGIS 10.0d) ArcPy is available in ArcGIS 9.32) Fill in the blank so that the workspace is set to “G:pgis”import arcpy______.workspace = “____________”3)Fill in following blanks so that the script will conduct an intersection of two polygon datasets:”soil.shp”, “rd200m.shp”, and store the results in “results.shp”. The output will be overwritten if it exists.import arcpyarcpy.______________________ = Truearcpy. ______________ (_____________ , “results.shp”)4) Fill in the blanks so that the following Python code can call an IDW tool from spatial analyst toolbox.import arcpyimport arcpy.saarcpy.________________ (“_______________ “)outdensity = Idw(“ozone_pts.shp”, “ozone”, 2000)5)Which of the following statements of tool functions are correct?Group of answer choices more than one could be correctA)Tool functions only avaiable in ArcToolbox but not in ArcPyB)Non-tool functions only avaiable in ArcPy, but notin ArcToolboxC)When calling a tool function, toolbox alias is neededD)When calling a non-tool function, toolbox alias is NOT neededComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming ESCI 2121

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