1 ) What of the following are correct statements about missing… 1 ) What of the following are correct statements about missing values in data? Choose all that apply.a ) Certain analytics algorithms can tolerate (i.e., work with) data with missing valuesb) Missing values must be imputed using best guesses.c) Records with missing values must be dropped.d) The pattern of missing values needs to be analyzed to determine how to handle missing values2) In the U.S., college applicants usually take SAT (a standardized test) and submit their test scores as part of their applications. Some schoolsmade SAT score optional, however, students with good sores still choose to submit their scores. As a result, there are missing values for SAT score in the application dataset. What is the mechanism for missing SAT scores in the dataset?a) MARb)CMARc)MNAR3) You are working on a machine learning project and the input data has 10 features, each with sporadic missing values. You decide to impute the missing values using machine learning models that treat the feature with missing value as the target. How many imputation models do you need to train in order to impute all missing values?a)1b)10c)9d)454)Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming PROGRAMMIN 6883

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