1.) The three fifths compromise meant Africans were worth three fifths of a dollarfor political purposes. True or False?2.) Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Southern politician who hated black soldiers. True or False?3.) One reason Blacks migrated from the south was the boll weevil plague True or False?4.) The period of Reconstruction was especially difficult for Blacks because they were lacking ______________ and ___________________? A.) Money and guns. B.) Wives and children. C.) Land and equipment. D. ) Rights and rules. or E.) Business plans and capital.5.) Whites resisted the idea of Africans serving in the civil war because of what?A.) Nat Turners revoltB.) The Haitian revoltC.) The attack on Fort SumterD.) The attack on fort WagnerE.) None of the above.6.) The Hayes Tilden compromise___A.) Allowed federal troop withdrawal from the southB.) Gave freed Africans the right to voteC.) Provided land and mules to the freed AfricansD.) Started the civil warE.) None of the above.7.) Blacks migrated out of the south to what?A.) Find gold in CaliforniaB.) Get away from exploitative & oppressive southern race relationsC.) Run from the Bole WeevilsD.) Find their MammiesE.) None of the above8.) Which of the following was not a concern of the National Council of colored Women?A.) Setting up Banks for BlacksB.) EducationC.) Lynching of Black men, women and childrenD.) White sexual abuse and attacks on the moral character of Black womenE.) Health care9.) This African American organization developed out of the Niagara Movement:A.) The SCLCB.) COREC.) SNCCD.) NAACPE.) The National Urban LeagueHistoryUS History HIS 114

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