1. Pick any “system” that you are familiar with OTHER the one usedin our classroom example on Sept 14 th . (12 marks) a. What is the purpose of your system? (1) b. List the major components that make up the system. (1) c. How do these components interact? (1) d. Describe the control and feedback elements of the system. (2) e. What are the limits or boundaries (can be virtual) of your system? (1) f. What other systems does your system interact with and how does your system interact with them? (1) g. Pick any 5 of the 16 (or so) different qualities used to describe good systems that we discussed in class. Describe how well your chosen system performs with respect to the quality and give an example that supports your position. (Qualities discussed included: accurate, adaptable, cost effective, “invisible” technology, ethical, expandable, flexible, interoperability (works well with other systems,. maintainable, manageable, portable, reliable, repeatability, responsive, secure, testable, throughput, understandable, user friendly, “intuitive” interface) Negative examples are allowed. (5 marks)Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering CENG 216

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