(1) organise, summarise and present the data (in a MS-Excel… (1) organise, summarise and present the data (in a MS-Excel workbook) in a meaningful way using the tools of descriptive statistics taught in class;(2) Write a short summary (in a word document) of your findings and interpretation of your results (150 – 200 words) and use APA referencing style to cite references (no criteria on number of references).Response numberOverall, this unit has been supported by useful learning resources, including on MoodleHow could the learning resources be improved for you?14- AgreeAlready good24- Agreehelp me a lot to understanding.35- Strongly AgreeIt’s perfect as it is.45- Strongly Agree54- Agree65- Strongly Agree75- Strongly AgreeImprove my knowledge84- Agree95- Strongly AgreeNothing105- Strongly Agreeimprove my accounting skills.115- Strongly Agreen/a125- Strongly Agree135- Strongly Agree145- Strongly Agree154- Agreeface to face164- Agree174- Agree184- AgreeBetter understanding developed193- Neither Agree Nor Disagree205- Strongly Agree214- AgreeIt was well managed225- Strongly AgreeDeduction234- Agree245- Strongly Agree25264- Agree275- Strongly AgreeNothing much to be improved285- Strongly Agree294- Agree305- Strongly Agree314- AgreeMore Energy321- Strongly Disagree334- AgreeI find everything is perfect344- AgreeAudit risk355- Strongly Agree365- Strongly AgreeNo commends since it is very detailed374- Agree384- AgreeNothing much, more books available in the physical library maybe.394- AgreeClassroom visits by people with relevant experience can often add a lot to a wide range of curriculum subjects and topics.405- Strongly Agree415- Strongly Agreevery efficient for me425- Strongly Agree434- Agree444- AgreeNo coments454- AgreeNeed to conduct more activities for student465- Strongly Agree475- Strongly Agree484- AgreeAlready improved492- Disagree504- AgreeGood514- AgreeGood525- Strongly Agree534- AgreeAvailability of books.544- Agreemore illustrations and tutorials could help554- AgreeNothing, it has been very supportive.564- Agree575- Strongly Agree585- Strongly Agree594- Agree604- Agreeread slices carefully615- Strongly Agreeall good624- Agree634- Agreeknow more about hrm law and clear about it64654- Agree665- Strongly AgreeNo concern for this unit674- Agree685- Strongly Agreethe learning resources help me to have fundamentaly knowledge of law, understanding how to work legally as a employee or in case of to be employer in the future of the country. it is so helpful knowledge in which Madame lectturer with her patient and thougful mind has guided us from realities to realities. in my opinion, she help me a lot with somehow easiest way to be absorbed the basically knowledge of law.695- Strongly Agree704- Agree713- Neither Agree Nor Disagree725- Strongly Agree734- AgreeNo its good743- Neither Agree Nor Disagreemore practical and less slides754- AgreeEasy approach to the points.765- Strongly AgreeEvery thing is fine . Im happy with the way she teach us . Thanks772- Disagree784- AgreeStrongly engaging with the students795- Strongly Agree804- Agree814- Agreeimprove my knowledge relating to the law.825- Strongly Agree834- AgreePpt should be useful information only not all information of the chapter.844- Agree853- Neither Agree Nor DisagreeAliging the PowerPoints with the book would be great. I couldnt find some information in the from the slides865- Strongly Agree875- Strongly Agree883- Neither Agree Nor DisagreeThe lecture or coordinator should check the files of the ppt to ensure the recommended page numbers fit with the recommended course book.Also some parts should have been briefly discussed in class so students new what they had to do in the assessment.893- Neither Agree Nor Disagree905- Strongly AgreeNothing needs to be improved every unit was well explained.915- Strongly Agree925- Strongly Agree934- Agreemore information on irac method.945- Strongly Agree954- Agree965- Strongly AgreeLearning resource helps me a lot975- Strongly Agree985- Strongly Agree993- Neither Agree Nor Disagree1004- Agreethe course books should be there on time when the semester starts and it should be enough books for every student1013- Neither Agree Nor Disagree1025- Strongly Agree1032- Disagree1044- AgreeThis unit was well coordinated.1055- Strongly AgreeMathStatistics and Probability STAT 3551

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