1) How are memory & trauma related? 2) Is Memory Loss related to… 1) How are memory & trauma related?2) Is Memory Loss related to Childhood Trauma & PTSD? Is it possible for humans to block out certain memories that has caused their stress or trauma?3) Is there a way to change or manipulate a person’s memory to help them treat symptom’s associated with PTSD related to Childhood Trauma?4) You’ve met with an accident while driving which resulted in a brain injury. On the way to the hospital, you have issues with remembering where you are or what happened. Once in the Emergency Room, getting prepped for brain surgery, the surgeon states that he can only save one of two things. He asksthe question,”Would you rather have Retrograde Amnesia or Anterograde Amnesia?” You have about 2 minutes to make this decision before they put you under, you have no one there to consult with, which form of amnesia would you rather have?Social SciencePsychology PSYC 354

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