1) He next chooses a pair of socks with the following probabilities: Professor Cole R. Blind has a problem in matching his clothes. He has three shirts (blue, brown, and green) and two pairs of socks (blue and green). When Prof. Blind gets up in the morning, he first chooses a shirt with the following probabilities: P (Blue Shirt) =0.4, P (Brown Shirt) = 0.3, P (Green Shirt) = 0.3. P (Blue Socks | Blue Shirt) = 0.4, P (Blue Socks | Brown Shirt) =0.3 andP (Blue Socks | Green Shirt) =0.8.a) Complete the following probability table.b) A student named Sue R. Nosey sees Prof. Blind walking onto campus with his jacket on. She notices he is wearing green socks. Find the probability he has his blue shirt on.MathStatistics and Probability COR1-GB MISC

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