1. An examinee’s raw test score is usually easier to interpret whenit can be compared to scores of other examinees or to a pre-specified standard performance. The former technique is referred to as a ____________-referenced interpretation and usually entails converting an examinee’s raw score to either a percentile rank or a standard score.A) StandardizedB) CriterionC) NormD) Classical2. There are three main forms of validity that is required of all psychological tests content, construct and criterion related. ____________ validity is of concern whenever a test has been designed to measure one or more behavioral domains:A) ConstructB) ConvergentC) PredictiveD) Content3. Which of the following is the least complex form of validity of a test?A) Content validity.B) Construct validity.C) Face validity.D) Discriminant validity4. Standard scores anchor an examinee’s test score to those of the norm group by recording the examinee’s score in terms of____________A) Standard DeviationsB) Mean/Average of scores on the bell curveC) Statistical RelevanceD) Z-score5. A z-score of -2.5 indicates that the examinee’s raw score is two and one-half:A) Standard deviations above the meanB) Standard deviations below the meanC) The 25th percentileD) None of the above6. Test-retest reliability is assessed by administering a test to the same group of examinees at two different_______________ and then _________________the two sets of scores.A) Times, AnalyzesB) Times, InterpretC) Times, CorrelateD) Times, Ignore7. To assess internal consistency reliability, a test is administered once to a single group of examinees. A _____________reliability coefficient is calculated by splitting the test in half and correlating examinee’s scores on the two halves.A) Equivalent formsB) Test-retestC) Split-halfD) Internal consistency8. Validity refers to ____________in measurement.A) ContentB) ConfidenceC) AccuracyD) True Score9. _____________ is responsible for the objective measures used and subsequent interpretations of psychological tests.A) Employer/AgencyB) Licensing Board (Minnesota; LPCC, LP, LMFT, LISW)C) Psychological ProfessionalD) All of the aboveSocial SciencePsychology PY 621A

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