1. a graph each distribution using a probability histogram.x P(x)2 0.054 0.136 0.248 0.3810 0.1212 0.0514 0.032. Classify the criteria for a distribution to be uniform.3. The chart shows the percent of Canadians with each blood type.Blood Type PercentO 46A 42B 9AB 3a) If 120 people are donating blood, what is the expected number of people withtype O blood? Why would this be considered a binomial distribution?b) Calculate the expected number of people with each of the other types of blood.4. The fisheries department caught and tagged 420 seals. Recently, 100 seals werecaught and 42 had been togged. Estimate the size of the seal population.5. Calculate and compare two answer of the following statement. Explain anydifferences.a) Seven cards are dealt from a standard deck. What is the probability that five areface cards?b) Seven cards are chosen from a standard deck, what replacement. What is theprobability that five are face cards?7. A restaurant gives customers a card with each purchase; customers scratch a box tosee if they have won a prize. Twelve percent of the cards are winnersa) What is the probability of winning a prize only once in 10 tries?b) What is the probability of winning a prize at least three times in 10 tries?c) What is the expected number of winning cards in 10 tries?9. Create two examples of a discrete probability distribution. Explain what makesthem discrete.10. A school board randomly selects students by their student number to take part in asurvey. Is this process a uniform distribution? Justify11. The formula for the binomial distribution is P(x) = nCxpxqn-x. Conclude what is the purpose of the nCx coefficient?12. Adjust if a standard dis is rolled five times and the number of 3s is noted would orwould not be a valid hyper geometric probability situation.13. Sam wrote that the difference between binomial and hyper-geometric distributionsis that with the binomial distribution each trial has the same probability, but withhyper-geometric the individual probabilities change with the sampling. Is this anaccurate statement? ExplainMathStatistics and Probability MDM 4U

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